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One Day or Day One…… You Decide
One Day or Day One…… You Decide
One Day or Day One…… You Decide
One Day or Day One…… You Decide
One Day or Day One…… You Decide






Weight loss

Fat burning HIIT workout programs.

Agility & Mobility

Functional workout routine to increase agility and mobility.

Strength Training

Strength and explosive workouts.


Low recovery periodic endurance workouts.

FHIIT is a movement towards a health-driven community

We are the very first warehouse Hot box gym that’s been tweaked to incorporate the best of both HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Functional Training. Our workouts are designed to improve your agility, strength, and mobility while keeping you functionally engaged, targeting everyone to be fit and healthy in the most exciting way.

Recently, ‘HIIT’  has generated a lot of buzz in the fitness world.

HIIT is bursts of high intensity exercise interspersed with low intensity recovery periods. The strict ratio of work to rest makes it extremely efficient at burning calories. HIIT has been shown to achieve  improved muscle tone, fat burning, strength building, endurance and cardio fitness all in less time than conventional exercise.

Why is HIIT so effective?

EPOC (yes, another industry acronym!) – excess post-oxygen consumption. HIIT workouts raise your body’s metabolism for hours after you have finished exercising, keeping your oxygen intake measurably higher than normal. Your body continues to be a fat-burning machine for hours after your workout’s over

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FHIIT Nutrition

Pre order meal plan program.

FHIIT Physio

Rehab programs.

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