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As soon as I got married I was pregnant with my first baby. I weighed 85kg when I gave birth to him ( cesarean Delivery). I could only loose 3kgs and I was pregnant for the second time after 4 months. I was really worried about my weight and even shared my worries with my Gynaecologist. What he said was, ‘there are many women who are trying to conceive and you are lucky that you’re blessed with the second baby… you can loose the weight after the second baby’.

So I was determined that I’m going to loose weight of 2 pregnancies at any cost. I weighed 96kgs after the birth of my baby girl. Coming back to the pre-marriage weight was beyond my imagination as both were cesarean deliveries.
Initially I started my weight loss journey in June 2019, 4 months after the delivery. I lost 12 kgs over 7 months. I was at a plateau state when I met Yohan. For me, breaking the plateau state is the most difficult task in a weight loss journey. Thanks to Yohan I could break my plateau state and loose 12kgs within 3 months. I feel better than ever!
I have transformed from unhealthy to healthy, from unfit to fit and most of all I have transformed from uncomfortable to comfortable.
Yohan and team at Fhiit, I have no words to express my heartfelt gratitude and love for you guys. You have changed my life forever! Trust me, I have been to many Trainers and YOHAN, you are the best trainer anyone could ask for! You are the kind of motivator that girls like me yearn for! I really wish I had met you earlier but better late than never!
And to mommies, ladies, girls, boys, gentlemen, fathers out there! If a person (myself) with no discipline over diet, with 2 toddlers delivered at a stretch via c-section, with a busy household and who runs a business can do it, YOU DEFINITELY CAN DO IT. As Yohan says ‘push yourself’. AND join Fhiit. Your life will be changed forever (thank me later ;))

I have never being a lazy person, and I have always got myself occupied in different types of workouts / exercises throughout my life, Anything new and challenging I would definitely try it out.
I had a certain goal to reach in my weight, along with it I wanted to build my stamina, strength to perform better in Golf and be active in my daily activities. There were days that it worried me and doubted my motivation of my workouts and the level of exercises I did.

But that changed when I joined FHIIT last year in September, a different concept altogether where “its all in your mind” like Yohan says, Head Coach of FHIIT. He only wanted me to trust him and the process. After 8 years I was able to hit the Golden Numbers of 80s.
My weight-loss journey will not stop here and there’s a long way to go, I trust FHIIT to get me there.

With a little bit of self control and a lot of help from FHIIT I am now a healthier and a happier person. Thank you FHIIT

I was determined to stay healthy, my childhood friend and I was already working out with FHIIT so, when the lockdown happened we just went for it… working out 6 days a week sometime and I already had a crazy schedule to start with – working on my online business,3 kids 2 dogs cooking and a house to maintain during the stay at home. It’s become a lifestyle. With the four sessions planned out so well by yohan there was no escaping the pain!! I’ve lost 6kgs and gotten so much leaner and stronger and healthier, I’m not done yet!
I recommend FHIIT zoom and gym sessions for everyone

Ever since I rember I ve been always passionate about fitness. As a student, as a wife as a mother as a doctor my fitness goals have been always revolved around other priorities but I always believed that in life, HUSTLE, DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY is the key to success in any aspect and you need to dream big and work on your goals cause no one else is going to see it the way u see it. No one else is going to feel it the you feel it. But proving those into myself in the aspect of fitness was never possible until I joined FHIIT.

I remember sitting down and wondering how I had come to this state, having put on almost 40kg in less than 2 years. It was not just weight on a scale, pressure on every joint to support the blubber; it was weight on my mind and my shoulders, a constant dark cloud of self-loathing and doubt. Food had become my sole source of comfort in a foreign nation without family, friends, just long days of stressful studies and work. Looking back though I dont remember the food ever comforting, it only served to stress me more. I was in a vicious cycle. It had to stop.

Once I got back to Sri Lanka, getting myself to gym was a chore to say the least. I disliked being seen. I disliked being “that guy” at the gym. As much as I wanted to get back in shape, motivation and discipline were far off concepts. That was, until I got back in touch with Yohan.
The thing about FHIIT is that it’s not just a weight loss program. It’s a safe place. It pushes you to the limit and then some. It keeps you turning up daily, even if you felt like you breathed your last breath in the previous session. Yohan makes sure you are at it, constantly motivating and pumping you up.
The numbers you see in the pictures are just that: numbers. At FHIIT, although they are a cause for celebration, progress is measured in the strength you build and ultimately the confidence you gain.
It’s been a long journey and there is still a long way more to go. It’s not easy and it’s not straightforward but there is no stopping once you have started. I hope my story helps you realize that change is only a decision away.

Body Confidence is a feeling| The image to the left is from last year Christmas Campaign. For the first time I decided not to model for my brand because I have never felt so low and unhappy about myself. You might be quick to judge thinking that I’m referring to is my size. No, it was about my whole life. I was going through one of the toughest times and was surrounded by nothing but voices telling me how I am worthless and slowly, unknowingly I knew I was hitting low.

As someone who is always in constant turmoil in life, one thing I strongly believe is no one can save you but yourself. My mind was clouded and it was becoming weak. I joined Fhiit to build my mind, my focus.. to hammer those tyres and let out the rage I had inside. Fhiit became my safe place. Iv bitten my lip and cried while doing 20 rounds. Somedays I just storm outside and cry and Yohan pats on my back and says ‘please cry after the rest of the 5 rounds’. Iv vomitted because I can’t stand the pain. I silently cry everytime I hammer those tyres. Each time pain was leaving my body – physically and mentally I became stronger. Thank you to my workout buddy Supi who drags me for 2 sessions on somedays to Fhiit, to new friends I built who has been a supportive community. Most of all, thank you Yohan! The best trainer ever. Thank you for pushing me 24/7 everyday and making me loose 16kgs and more.