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Yohan Rathnayake

Head Coach
  • Training is about strengthening yourself from inside out, like building the foundation of a house before painting its walls. Yohan’s’ fitness journey started since he was a kid. He has many stories about his childhood and how he overcame different challenges in his life being a swimmer played a major role to overcome these milestones by grooming him to be a better version of him.He has been a competitive swimmer for the past 22 years, who has proudly represented and captained his College “Trinity College Kandy” and Central Province Swimming Teams by representing his country in many occasions.His passion for swimming changed his life completely and disciplined his way of living. It made him want to learn more about fitness and encouraged him to influence people to change, transform their lives to be a strong human being in mind, body & soul.This is when he decided that he needs to know about the human body and gain as much knowledge to overcome the challengers he could face as a trainer. His qualification from ISSA (International Sport & Science Association) & AFPA (American Fitness Professional and Associates – Strength and Conditioning Specialist) provided him with the platform to start his fitness journey as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to change people’s lives, to make a difference.Up to date Yohan has witnessed first-hand life changing moments of over 200 individuals across the world through physical exercise, nutrition discipline and motivation. He thinks this is not enough, he wants to transform more lives and this journey will continue, He does not want to stop until he thinks he should, which Yohan would never.


ISSA (International Sports Science Association) – Personal Training Certificate.
AFPA (American Fitness Professional and Associates) – Strength and Conditioning Specialist