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The core team is made up of four people that share a passion for innovative fitness. Each one of us brings a unique skillset in to achieve the common goal of making FHIIT a success.

Yohan Rathnayake

To Yohan, training is about strengthening yourself from inside out, like building a strong foundation for a house before going on to painting its walls. His fitness journey started in the swimming pools of Kandy. Being challenged to constantly push past his limits to reach new milestones gave Yohan the confidence and mindset necessary to become a better version of himself. He has swum competitively for 22 years, representing (Proudly, he would add) Trinity College Kandy, as well as the Central Province swimming teams, as well as Sri Lanka His passion for swimming cultivated the discipline that he applies to life, and that has been transformative of his body, soul, and mind. Eager to share this recipe for physical and personal growth with as many other people as possible, Yohan decided to learn as much as he could about fitness and the body He earned qualifications from the ISSA (International Sport & Science Association) and AFPA (American Fitness Professional and Associates), specializing as a Strength and Conditioning coach. So far, Yohan has applied a mixture of physical exercise, nutrition, discipline, and motivation to help change the lives of over 200 individuals across the world, and he has no intention of slowing down.


Jessica Silva

I can summarize my childhood with the phrase ‘here comes trouble’ that was printed in bold letters on one of my favourite T shirts. I couldn’t sit still, and If I wasn’t playing netball or volleyball, or jumping hurdles on the athletic track, I was climbing trees or cycling around. Not your typical girl. Playing organized sports had a way of channeling my boundless energy into focused, passionate commitment to achieving what I wanted, and by age 20 I had played for the Western province netball team and had landed a job at a multinational.

My commitment to sport and the success in life that I have enjoyed are no coincidence, and I want to help build something that nurtures that same drive in as many other people as possible. Having met and trained with Yohan (and been inspired by him!), I’ve realized the power of community in fitness. I’m convinced that a supportive community empowers each other to reach their fitness goals and become healthier and more confident in the process. That is why I and the rest of the team have decided to start the FHIIT family.

Dilhan Gurusinghe

As of late, my competitive edge has come from figuring out what it takes to grow a business. With 10 years of experience and learning through failure, I’ve developed a keen nose for what works and what doesn’t, which is why I am so confidence in Yohan’s idea for a fitness initiative. When we discussed it, Yohan had planned everything down to the minute details, and what really set him apart was his infectious energy. I’m grateful that as a result of training with him I’ve got back the same enthusiasm that I had for sport when I was a competitive cricketer and athlete for my school.

I am proud to be one of FHIIT’s co-founders and can’t wait to help take our venture to new heights. Along with my work at Quantum fitness and the clothing company I co-founded ‘Baylee,’ I’m excited to brace the new challenge of growing FHIIT.


Emi Seneviratne

I’m an adrenaline junkie, and I used to constantly dive into different fitness adventures. I’ve tried running, Zumba, Crossfit, Yoga, multiple sports and I’ve tried to get big at the gym but injuries would constantly derail my progress. Meeting Yohan has completely changed my perspective on physical performance. His Zen-like take on fitness is wholistic and functional, focused on making the upkeep of a healthy, able, high performance body a lifestyle instead of a short-term goal. Enabling people to make fitness a regenerative part of their lives and a source of well-being is what inspires my involvement as a co-founder of FHIIT.