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I remember sitting down and wondering how I had come to this state, having put on almost 40kg in less than 2 years. It was not just weight on a scale, pressure on every joint to support the blubber; it was weight on my mind and my shoulders, a constant dark cloud of self-loathing and doubt. Food had become my sole source of comfort in a foreign nation without family, friends, just long days of stressful studies and work. Looking back though I dont remember the food ever comforting, it only served to stress me more. I was in a vicious cycle. It had to stop.

Once I got back to Sri Lanka, getting myself to gym was a chore to say the least. I disliked being seen. I disliked being “that guy” at the gym. As much as I wanted to get back in shape, motivation and discipline were far off concepts. That was, until I got back in touch with Yohan.
The thing about FHIIT is that it’s not just a weight loss program. It’s a safe place. It pushes you to the limit and then some. It keeps you turning up daily, even if you felt like you breathed your last breath in the previous session. Yohan makes sure you are at it, constantly motivating and pumping you up.
The numbers you see in the pictures are just that: numbers. At FHIIT, although they are a cause for celebration, progress is measured in the strength you build and ultimately the confidence you gain.
It’s been a long journey and there is still a long way more to go. It’s not easy and it’s not straightforward but there is no stopping once you have started. I hope my story helps you realize that change is only a decision away.