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Ever since I rember I ve been always passionate about fitness. As a student, as a wife as a mother as a doctor my fitness goals have been always revolved around other priorities but I always believed that in life, HUSTLE, DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY is the key to success in any aspect and you need to dream big and work on your goals cause no one else is going to see it the way u see it. No one else is going to feel it the you feel it. But proving those into myself in the aspect of fitness was never possible until I joined FHIIT.
FHIIT proved me working hard is not working until you get tired. It is starting to count your reps from the moment you feel tired. it’s giving yourself that extra little effort everyday than yesterday. it is giving yourself commitment. that it is never giving up. that it’s being fearless. that it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone that it is being patient. that it’s is trusting the process that it is believing in yourself that “I am possible”
FHIIT proved me DISCIPLINE is bout control over your mind. it is about knowing why?, what?, and when? , Whether it’s a diet? or a particular exercise if you know why you have to do it and what happens when you do it, and when you need to do it practicing discipline is not magical! FHIIT proved me CONSISTENCY is about getting up every day and making that time for showing up and when u show up u do it to be in competition with yourself. u do it to be the best version of yourself and u do it coz fitness is a journey and you keep discovering yourself how being consistence can give you long term consequences. it is enjoying what you do every day. t is appreciating yourself on highly motivated days where u may be an inspiration to others. it is getting over the days you have to push through where no one would know and it is to clap yourself harder on those days coz u should remember to be your biggest fan. I soon realized FHIIT proved me wrong in that “no one could see your dreams just the way you do”. FHIIT proved me my greatest coaching can lift you to a level where you can never can imagine. That there are greatest personalities who work with ultimate passion, commitment, knowledge and you make yourself believe to work on his plan and it’s not a wonder such person can see my dream just the way I do and that’s how the magic happen with the greatest personality Mr. Yohan Manoj Rathnayake. At FHIIT your dreams do come true as he always says I keep trusting the process and best is yet to come.