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Body Confidence is a feeling| The image to the left is from last year Christmas Campaign. For the first time I decided not to model for my brand because I have never felt so low and unhappy about myself. You might be quick to judge thinking that I’m referring to is my size. No, it was about my whole life. I was going through one of the toughest times and was surrounded by nothing but voices telling me how I am worthless and slowly, unknowingly I knew I was hitting low. As someone who is always in constant turmoil in life, one thing I strongly believe is no one can save you but yourself. My mind was clouded and it was becoming weak. I joined Fhiit to build my mind, my focus.. to hammer those tyres and let out the rage I had inside. Fhiit became my safe place. Iv bitten my lip and cried while doing 20 rounds. Somedays I just storm outside and cry and Yohan pats on my back and says ‘please cry after the rest of the 5 rounds’. Iv vomitted because I can’t stand the pain. I silently cry everytime I hammer those tyres. Each time pain was leaving my body – physically and mentally I became stronger. Thank you to my workout buddy Supi who drags me for 2 sessions on somedays to Fhiit, to new friends I built who has been a supportive community. Most of all, thank you Yohan! The best trainer ever. Thank you for pushing me 24/7 everyday and making me loose 16kgs and more.